Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Fellow American - Pledge, Support & Change!

What's good Hip-Hop heads! As you may know I've been supporting the My Fellow American project and wanted to let you know about some information and hopefully get you to pledge your support and spread the word.

Now for those of you that are asking what this project is all about, let me tell you. Islamophobia is still a problem in America. It has increasingly been used as a way to victimize Muslims in America. Now after certain events in the world this has increased, and the perceptions that "All Muslims are terrorists" is not true.
This project aims to change those perceptions and say that Muslims are Americans too, we are all equal. This is something I strongly believe in. You should not be picked-out or abused in the street because you follow a different faith, you wear religious clothing or you are a different colour.

So guys please pledge your support, spread the word about this project and spread this blog post and the link around and let's make some changes.

It may even change your perceptions too.

Here's the link:

HipHopInformant - Peace.

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