Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Rebellion is coming!

Beating reigning MC Jin the MC on BET's Freestyle Friday, being featured in the Source Magazine as their "On the Radar" MC in March, working with DJ Warrior and DJ Nutty and prodcuing an amazing mixtapefeaturing Cashis, Jayo Felony, Tri-Star, Marc Spitz, Duke Riddles, Tracey Lane, Diamyn & Bellywize with production from Swizz Beats, J. Classic, Pakman, Beat Masta Wes, Lou Dog, Harry Sona/Trailblazerz, JRK, Big 4D, Shizz Beatz, Khalil Ansari & Shadowville Productions.
What does all of this have in common? It's all been accomplished by an artist the HipHopInformant can only describe as raw talent and one of those artists with a certain swagger and style that's hard to forget.
Also featured on the HipHopInformant Mixtape '08 (HAVENT GOT YOUR COPY GET ONE NOW!!!)...Let me introduce you to....Jihad.

HipHopInformant: How long have you been involved with Hip-Hop?

Jihad: I’ve been involved with hip hop, pretty much all of my life. I started rapping when I was around 12 years old, but, I guess you could say I was officially in the game around 2002.

HipHopInformant: How did you get involved with Hip-Hop?

Jihad: I have a lot of older family members, from my brothers to my older cousins, and they were all into hip hop/rap music. So, growing up I was exposed to all kinds of hip hop, from N.W.A., Public Enemy and Rakim on to Too Short, Big Daddy Kane and so on.

HipHopInformant: Does your music have a message?

Jihad: Yeh, I always try to make sure that my music has substance to it. That being said, I try to incorporate a lot of aspects of my life into my music. Usually you’ll hear a lot of social commentary or talk about political issues in my songs, but, I also lace my life experience and beliefs into my music as well.

HipHopInformant: Are there any artists that influence you and your music?

Jihad: I’m a student of Hip Hop, so, I’m constantly studying and trying to improve my craft. I listen to as much music as I can, and I try to gain or learn something from every artist I listen to. I think that’s the best way for me to stay relevant and make music that the masses want to hear. Artists like 2pac, Biggie, Kurupt & any of the top rappers, have really influenced my rapping and given me a standard to keep up with as far as lyricism and artistry.

HipHopInformant: Where are you from and does that influence the stuff you rap about?

Jihad: I’m born and raised in Cerritos, CA, but my ethnic background is Pakistani/Afghani. I’m also Muslim, so all those factors together have really had a big influence on me and the type of music I create. The way I’ve grown up and things I’ve been exposed to have really helped to mold me into the person I am today, and that transcends into my music.

HipHopInformant: Are there any artists that you'd like to work with in the future?

Jihad: I’m down to work with anyone who has a good character and is raising the bar musically. I think Lupe Fiasco, T.I., or like Eminem would be some cool people to work with. But, I would also look forward to doing songs with people from other genres as well, like Linkin Park, Control Machete’ or some Pakistani or Afghani singers.

HipHopInformant: How did the name Jihad come around?

Jihad: The name Jihad had been on my mind for a long time. Originally, I planned to eventually use it as the name to one of my albums, back when Ii first started rapping. But, as time went by I realized that it actually described me as an artist and embodied everything that my music is about. So, I chose to call myself Jihad.

HipHopInformant: What's the most enjoyable thing about performing in front of a crowd?

Jihad: Seeing the crowd respond in a positive way and feel what I’m presenting them is probably the most enjoyable thing. But, I also enjoy being up on stage and being able to express myself in that type of forum.

HipHopInformant: Finally what does the future hold for Jihad?

Jihad: Right now, we’re working on multiple projects. The main focus is my role in the movie, “Hype”, being filmed by French Director, Kader Ayd. Also, I’m working on my debut album and I’m completing a couple new mixtapes and side projects. The first is a compilation mixtape that we’re looking to release in October, called “Unity Vol. 1”, and that will be with DJ Evil Empire and my camp Rebellion. The project has a lot of exclusive and new music from a lot of established artists and up and coming artists from all over and it’ll be hosted by me. I’ll also be dropping a new mixtape/album with DJ Sept. 7th from The Cali Untouchable DJs and DJ Evil Empire, and we should be releasing a video for my first single off my album in a couple of months. Besides that, I’m working on branding our company REBELLION and putting together projects for our artists like: Drifter’s “A Troubled Soul” album and Bellywize’s new album.

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Friday, 5 September 2008

HipHopInformant Mixtape '08!

The HipHopInformant Mixtape'08 is here! This took me a long time to create and I wanna give a BIG shout out to my homies Donny Goines, Lottery, Hired Gun, Faceless, Cause, F.A.M.E and Jihad You guys made it possible and thanks for hooking me up with some seriously DOPE tracks! Also thanks going out to Bullet, Akala and KrazedOut E. Ross you guys did you're thing and its much much appreciated.

Thanks going out to ALL the artists who worked on this with me! All the money raised will be going to charity so if you want a copy email the HipHopInformant at and ask for details!

Click on the artist's name to check out their Myspace!

1. Lottery- Bout It
2. Hired Gun- Arrest the HipHopInformant
3. Donny Goines- Do It For Hip-Hop (Remix)
4. Donny Goines- Summer Love Freestyle
5. Cause- 110th Street
6. Cause- In Too Deep
7. Bullet- Earth Girls
8. Bullet- Get It
9. Bullet- Freestyle
10. Mike Faceless- Star Struck
11. Krazedout E. Ross- Feelin' U Summertime '08
12. Krazedout E. Ross- Don't Stop
13. Akala- Bit by Bit
14. Akala- Money, Power, Respect
15. F.A.M.E- Speedin' Freestyle
16. F.A.M.E- Out Here Grindin' Remix
17. Jihad- Restless
18. Jihad ft. Marc Spitz- Damn
19. Lottery & Bullet- The Genesis
20. Donny Goines- I am Moving

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Plies track review on!

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Shifta ft. Flo-Rida review on!

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HipHopInformant- From the Streets to your Laptop!

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HipHopInformant-From the Streets to your Laptop!