Sunday, 28 September 2014

Capo NoTalking Featuring Km Tha Original - #NoTalking [Exclusive!]


What's good Hip-Hop heads? I have an exclusive from my homie KM da Original. The track is a banger and will definitely get you into that "I can take on anything" vibe.

 If you haven't yet checked out the Interview we did with KM a couple of years back click on the link below to see what he had to say about the state of Hip-Hop here: 

Look out for a follow-up Interview with KM coming soon and my new project HipHopFollowUp coming soon.

Capo NoTalking Featuring Km Tha Original - #NoTalking


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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Talking Hip-Hop, Pittsburgh & Ferguson with Charlie Slum!

HipHopInformant: How long have you been involved with Hip-Hop & how did you get started?

Charlie Slum: I’ve been rapping since the age of about 7 years old. Little bullshit here & there. Then around 14-16 I started recording, doing shows etc. We (Greenhouse Hooligans) got serious as a collective though I’d say, in the past 4 years with varying degrees and patterns of seriousness and success. I’ve been doing music with Vaguz Nerve since we were like 12/13 and B1S since I was 17. 

HipHopInformant: I notice you have influences from Tupac to John Coltrane. Can you give me your top 5 Hip-Hop artists and why? 

Charlie Slum: I just love any music my ears perceive to be good. As far as a list, I mean this will be strictly in terms of personal favourites and not really in order of best to worst but.. Nas - To me, Nas is the textbook definition of the perfect rapper and when I was just learning, honing my skills, and finding my sound it seems like he was breaking down how to rap in the process of rhyming..the phrasing is always superb, stories so vivid and intricate. He’s Scorsese.