Sunday, 27 February 2011

Some thoughts...

Wow a whole month since I hit you guys with anything related to Hip-Hop, my bad guys been really busy with things but, I'm going to give you a track and some really good thoughts by this guy on youtube so hope you enjoy it. Look out for some Interviews with artists from the UK with a LOT of talent.

Lyricism and Capitalism:

Jay-Z ft. Lil Wayne - Summer In Brooklyn:

HipHopInformant - We Live Hip-Hop!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Poetic Pilgrimage ft. Mohammed Yahya - Silence Is Consent Video!

Good evening Hip-Hop heads! So, I'm all sure you've seen what's been going on in Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia. It's bad situation for the people to be in but I stand with Egypt and Yemen and Tunisia and Palestine and any othe country that is fighting against injustice.

Poetic Pilgrimage have relesaed a video called Silence Is Consent and here it is.

Here is what they had to say about the video: We are very excited to announce that our second video shot by GlobalFactions is out now.

Silence is Consent is a collaboration with Mozambican Hip Hop Activist Mohammed Yahya, this hard-hitting political anthem ‘Silence is Consent’ addresses the failure of our so-called leaders throughout the world to serve and protect the people.

From Egypt to Tunisia, Yemen to Saudi Arabia, Somalia to Bahrain and everywhere else where injustices take place daily.

HipHopInformant - People of Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan wherever you are we got you!