Tuesday, 31 August 2010

"Where In The World Is Gun?"

What's good Hip-Hop Heads?! So, Hired Gun has just released a new album called "Where In The World Is gun?" this album is dope, and you'll see a review of it up shortly. It's also FREE!!! (see how we just drop off some dopeness for free?) So, download it, pump it in the Car, at the Gym or wherever then pass the link on to friends, family, professors, doctors, personal trainers just pass it on to everyone and enjoy!

This is what Hired Gun had to say about the Project: " In support of our Skillz To Take Brazil we'll be hitting Europe next month! Over the past couple of years it has really been about the global hip-hop community and especially for me seeing the culture in new languages, styles and expressions. I've been blessed to work with DJ's, artists, and emcees from all over Europe, Africa and South America and finally I can share some of that with you."

"The first in the "Hits and Pieces" series, please listen to, Download and share this great piece of music! More to come!"

This compilation is a small collection of tracks, that the Hired Gun has collaborated with international producers on over the past two years. Through his travels, he's hooked up with producers from Russia, France, the Czech Republic, England and Italy. Please download and enjoy.
  • The Dark Keys and J Anthem produced by J Guru (UK)
  • Truth Positive and Penmanship produced by Jaest (Judgematic, USSR)
  • Ponder for a moment produced by A.J (USA)
  • Musical puzzle freestyle and The Show produced by Zajazza (FR)
  • We R Machines produced by Phillip TBC (CZ)
  • Diaspora Freestyle produced by Benny Beats (USA)
  • You produced by DJ Nio (IT)
Download "Where In The World is Gun?" Here: http://freshroots.bandcamp.com/album/where-in-the-world-is-gun?p

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Friday, 27 August 2010

Hip-Hop Evolution or Devolution?

Hip-Hop is a strange genre of music. It continues to change over the years and develop; some styles stick and some get mixed and turned into a completely different style of music. Some of these new styles work but some just don’t.

Now in my opinion (this is solely my opinion so don’t put me on blast for saying this), Hip-Hop has taken a turn for the worse. This bothers me as a solid believer and advocate in bringing Hip-Hop back to the days where artists sounded different, producers made exclusive beats, lyrics were penned with accuracy and meant something and Hip-Hop meant something to the listener and left an impact.

What I hear on the radio now is the same generic stuff, the same electronic/dance induced beats, the same auto-tuned lyrics. This is not Hip-Hop the way I remember it.

Now, people may think I’m being a snob but I’m not. I won’t put you on blast for liking 50 cent or Lil Wayne or other commercial artists but after a while hearing about the same thing over and over in their songs you have to think to yourself ; “is this all I want to hear?”

Hip-Hop will evolve and will continue to present new styles, which is what I love and I admire the fact that artists are trying something new and trying to break down boundaries by trying to mix in dance music with Hip-Hop or autotune it but, somewhere along the line the listener is going to think, “I don’t want to hear about this guy’s money or cars anymore and I don’t want to listen to this track that sounds exactly the same as the other artist’s before”.

Hip-Hop needs to change and artists that have a big grasp on the market need to set an example.

Just ponder this article and think about it.


Click on the screenshot to read the article on britishhiphop.co.uk.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Sha Stimuli - Knocks Me Off My Feet ft. Stevie Wonder!

What's good Hip-Hop heads! I havent been around much after I said that I would right? My bad on the posting front I promise you some new exclusive Interviews soon I hope so just bear with me and once everything's sorted, You will be the first to know!

So as I was on youtube just checking some things, I came across this video. Now Me and Sha did an Interview on britishhiphop.co.uk that you can check here:

and I was just checking out his mixtape "Hotter Than July" which is a tribute to one of the most talented artists around Mr Stevie Wonder and I just thought to myself how true the lyrics were and how many people could relate to this track, even if you're single.
And apart from the lyrics. the way the sample of "Knocks Me Off My Feet" is wonderfully mastered and mixed into the track.

Just thought I would share it with all of you people reading my thoughts, reviews, Interviews and features on Hip-Hop and also for just taking the time out to chill with the HipHopInformant so site back, enjoy and I hope you like this joint.


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Monday, 9 August 2010

"Skillz To Take Brazil" Album review!

What's good Hip-Hop heads! Sorry for the lack of updates I've been mad busy trying to get some huge projects together so stay tuned for them. Here's a review I did for britishhiphop.co.uk hope you all enjoy it and bag yourselves a copy of the album it's D.O.P.E! Click the pic to get onto the site to read the review in full!


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