Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Who's the BIGGEST Souls Of Mischief fan?

That's right NEW Souls Of Mischief! As I'm writing this I'm looking at the artwork and thinking about how sick this album is going to be! These dudes were around before I was born and although I might be young, I do appreciate the music that the crew have made I'm more excited to see the release of a new Souls Of Mischief album than say, a new Lil' Wayne album (props to Lil' Wayne who's rocking London right now with Kid Cudi).

My older readers might say something like, "You don't know about these guys, how can you be a fan" I'll tell you. I'm a fan because I listen to REAL Hip-Hop, to me this represents what Hip-Hop is all about.

Good lyrics, a sense of fun and enjoyment making the music and producing a track that will STILL get even the most hardcore Gangster-rap fan nod their heads.


1. Intro

2. Won!

3. Postal

4. Tour Stories

5. Skit

6. Proper Aim

7. You Got It

8. Hiero HQ

9. Poets Skit

10. Poets

11. Mr Freeman Skit

12. Fourmation

13. Dead Man Walkin

14. For Real Y'all

15. Lickity Split

16. Home Game

17. Outro

18. Lalala

HipHopInformant- Souls Of Mischief- DOPE.