Sunday, 27 September 2015

Charlie Slum ft. Nickelus F - Shapes & Sizes


What's good Hip Hop heads! Some of you may remember I did an Interview with an artist from Pittsburgh called Charlie Slum, Click here to read the interview.

The new track oozes lyricism and it's always good to see an artist push their limits and make something a little different to try and make the listener think and have a reaction to the music.

Check the new track:

Charlie Slum ft. Nickelus F. - Shapes & Sizes:

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Akelle Charles Music! [IN2 and more]


What's good Hip-Hop heads! Been a minute since I've posted, I promise not to keep it song long next time.

So, if you're into Hip-Hop/R n'B and live in the UK you've probably heard the track IN2 by a guy called Akelle Charles. I have to tell you this guy is on point, this song is everywhere and is pretty catchy.

Thought I'd post some of his tracks so you can get familiar and look out for stuff from him in the future! 

Bad Boy Remix - Akelle Charles


IN2 - Akelle Charles ft. Louis Rei & Haile 


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Sunday, 18 January 2015

He's Michael Jordan - Charlie Slum Video Exclusive!


Happy New Year Hip-Hop heads! Hope the new year is going well for you.

So, couple of updates, we have some Interviews lined up, some features and we also have a new Evolution of Hip-Hop Mixtape coming out, we're in the early stages and are accepting artist submissions so get them over to us and we'll try and get you out there!

My homie Charlie Slum has just released a new music video. The style brings hip-hop back to what is used to be - wordplay. I like this track and definitely think you should keep an eye out for him.

Check the Interview we did recently and enjoy the track!

He's Michael Jordan - Charlie Slum prod. Ohbliv

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