Thursday, 30 April 2009

Keelay & Zaire Album review for!

Check out the new review of Keelay & Zaire's Ridin' High LP for britishhiphop! As usual click on the pic or click on the link below to check it out, rate and comment on it!

This is one hell of an album!

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Friday, 24 April 2009

HOT Cypher- Simple Samples style!

Got a HOT new cypher from Simple Samples click on the link below to download it for free!
Lyricism is tight!

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Southern Takeover is coming!

Natureboy Rowe born Lester Rowe October 3rd, 1984 in the inner city of Dallas, Texas is a young musical talent. As a child he was always interested in music listening to such artist as LL Cool J , the DOC, Dj Magic Mike, 8Ball & MJG and many others. It wasnt until he met an elementary school friend name Troy who also had a thought on being a rapper that Rowe decided that he would give it a crack.

HipHopInformant: How long have you been involved I Hip-Hop?

NB Rowe: I feel like I been involved for a while like back when DMC and cool J was hot but I think I been at as far as being a serious artist since about 02 03.

HipHopInformant: How did you get involved with the Hip-Hop industry?

NB Rowe: I was in school in middle school maybe 12 or 13 and I remember banging some three 6 mafia and tommy wright iii skinny pimp and others and loved that whole hard beating tongue twisting style. A guy in my class was always rapping and put me on some kroc a rapper from Dallas and I was like I can do this shit and started to write. I got a keyboard and then started making beats to my raps. Then I remember my sister had a karaoke machine and that's when I made my first songfuck em all kill em all' I still got the tape song was wack beat was cold as ice tho hahahaha.

HipHopInformant: Youre from the Dirty South, do you think your flow/swag is different from those in the North or West Coast and why?

NB Rowe: I say yes to the slang especially that of Texas but overall I say no because when it comes to how person and product you create your own unfuckwitable lane that people and other rappers want to be in.

HipHopInformant: Tell us about your radio show Dat Ish Radio ( every Saturday 8-10pm central time.

NB Rowe: It was a incredible experience doing a radio show. It was my friend Balla B and I. We talked about music, the news and how people should act. Balla B had a great segment called 'you might be a fuck boy' in it he rant about bullshit people do that they needed to be called on and know why. The great thing is I had complete creative control which allows me to say what I want and play what I want so I also used it to play unheard artist and music. It was great but it had to end so I could focus more on being an artist. We were in the process of being added to other online stations when I pulled the plug but, im looking into starting another more talk related show just need an avenue.

HipHopInformant: Tell me about the demo you did in Freshman year of high school, what was it called and did it prepare you for the Hip-Hop world?

NB Rowe: Yea it was called force of nature it was pretty good. The best thing it taught me at the time about the industry as a starter was focus on presentation, quality, and be prepare for a song you may not like being hot. I had a record called mirror mirror and I hated it but the yard loved it and they even sang it as I walked the stage at graduation. I embrace the song now may even do a updated version. haha.

HipHopInformant: What do you think about the Hip-Hop Industry at the moment?

NB Rowe: In one respect I love it cus it makes you work hard if you really want to be that guy in the industry. The other half sucks cus ...follow me on this ....the over saturation of artist makes for wayyyyy to much product which makes for difficulty for the consumer to pick which product is really worth their pocket. So the attention span of the fans is shorter because they don't have time to digest the album they just got. Now their focus is from Tuesday to Tuesday when the new batch of albums drop. That's why singles are more successful now because it’s abbreviated music and its free. It don't have to be good just available. It’s easier to eat 3 minute noodles to fill that void than it is to have a complete meal that's more fulfilling. That's my view on the current state. It makes it more competitive tho. Only the strong survive.

HipHopInformant: Does your music have a message and what is the message?

NB Rowe: I hope it does (laugh)… To me well in general in the south I think most of us embody the best of all regions. We make songs easy to understand. To me I can tell a message on haters, getting paid, being on the streets, tough times, and so on without going over your head. Some guys toss wayyy to much slang at you and force you to pretend you know what they mean and some put toooo much intellect and force you to pretend that you understand. I try to be in the middle. To jump into your question I think my message is to “be you” don’t get caught up in the crowd. I have never smoked a drug or cigg nor have I ever drank. Its hard to believe I’m sure but I have never so I took it upon myself to not talk about it and lie about it . I’m sure it’s a lot of rappers out there who haven’t and fans who haven’t. So instead of stunting I am open about so that folks who are fans of me or listen to me feel like they can be open about it too. That’s what I mean by be you and at the same time have fun. My music is meant to put you in different moods like a life soundtrack.

HipHopInformant: How would you define REAL Hip-Hop?

NB Rowe: Well I still understand Hip Hop from a cultural standpoint so by definition what’s happening in “Hip Hop” is “Hip Hop”. It was built on rapping who ever it came out, dance, fashion and so forth. It evolved. I think folks who enjoy a certain style of Hip Hop have the bigger gripe about is current state. Movies aren’t what they were way back in the day but no one is saying “that’s not REAL Cinema “ (Laugh). Now it’s just a lot easier for a guy to say he is a rapper and with that fans have to work harder to find a artist who can give you an experience versus a few songs.

HipHopInformant: How did you get the name, Natureboy Rowe?

NB Rowe: Rowe is my actually last name and the short answer to the Natureboy is from Ric Flair. I liked his style and persona as being the best and flashy about it.

HipHopInformant: The HipHopInformant was on your myspace and you have many influences, who influences you the most and why?

NB Rowe: That’s a hard one …Ill say honestly everyone who gets up and does what they have to do without complaining. Right now we in a time here in America where everyone is complaining and whining and we need to be better than that right now. Like what kills me right now that’s really making me go hard is rappers talking bout a recession. This rap shit was built off poverty and that’s what niggas rap about but niggas are like I cant do this or that it’s a recession. I’m tripping like are you serious. I’m living in the same state of the economy as everyone else and I have and never will use that as a reason for not doing something. Maybe I love making music too much cus I be ready to go and if I like your music and its within my reason to do ill do it . I know what its like to fight to be heard and get a feature and so forth so ill help a green nigga out if I can. Its more cut throat now you need to build bridges every where. Of course my daughter and my fam are influences they make you push cus you want to be able to give and Get those things you talked about as a kid and shit.

HipHopInformant: Are there any underground artist’s you’d like to work with?

NB Rowe: Hell yea! I want to get Max B to drop a hook for me , Dude from Texas Killa Kyleon , cat out of Ft Worth Twisted Black , Devin The Dude, Mistah Fab , cat from Tennesee name All-Star my people keep saying we would sound good together and shit a lot more but that’s all I can say off the dome. I aint gonna front on ya cus im an artist that’s still a fan of music so I listen to guys and be like “man that nigga go hard!"

HipHopInformant: How would you describe the way you write/produce to people?

NB Rowe: I do what ever is in the mood. When I write if I don’t have a concept that I want to polish out and try I will run the beats and let the beat talk to me. I ramble and freestyle to it and explore first liners from there I think about the delivery what does the song want me to sound like. Then I ramble my way to the hook and once the hook has that catch or the proper attitude. I spit the hook till its on then I will begin to write and that’s the easy part so its nothing! Production wise when im on beats that can come from anywhere I sit down grab a melody add some drums and begin to build.

HipHopInformant: Finally, what does the future hold for Natureboy Rowe?

NB Rowe: Going Platinum while critics say its too hard because shit aint selling. Defying odds! I aint gonna say I dont want to be a star cus I want to be rich and famous and lets not forget being regarded as one of the best to do it . But on my yellow brick road yall can go get my shit Dallas Hottest Commodity , Dj Willybiggs presents the Greenroom , Dj BiggRich Dallas Hottest Commodity 1.7 , IWP presents Stacks :Its Nothing , Texas Sensation: Mixtape, Party 2 Da Pad and Da Show 2 all out now and all got my name on it !!!!! Da Show 2 is madness one of my best showcase of talent one of the best mixtapes to come out of Dallas in 2008. Don’t forget to get anything with Natureboy Rowe or the HCG logo on it! Support The Swaggerbird Movement WE FLYER THAN THEM OTHER SUCKAZ Right Now I am working on a project that’s being co administered by the homie from Houston PKT and produced by a guy name Rick Flare. It’s a legit album and we decide to play with him being Rick Flare and me being Natureboy and calling its WCW: World Class Wreckin. Right now we got the leak song Candy Thang featuring Pimp C on the hook sampled called Candy Thang which is a ode to UGK and their sound and just showing homage to one of the most inspirational groups in the South . We are looking to release it in the spring with a bonus disc. Its very hot and I think will satisfy critics and redefine the sound of what people have expected to come from my particular city. Look for it to drop under HCG Music and SME. People been wanting an album and we bout to give it to you!!! There is a concept behind most of the music on it and it’s gonna blow fans and music lovers away. Im excited, my staff is excited, and everyone who has got peaks are on track with this possibly being a sound definer so we will see, stay tuned.

Shout outs

First off My whole HCG Staff , Balla B, Southpaw da Beast , Boy Bruce , Ray Flip , Lonnie , PKT , Rick Flare, SwaggerBird Familia , IceyWhite Wes, My Boy O , KB , Canadian Derek , dj Hollywood ,every producer who wanted me on their beats , every dj who want me on their mix , every one im forgetting cus Im on the spot , and of course hip hop informant and all the overseas love . I appreciate yall!! ITS NOTHING!!!

You know what yea! Fuck these over night rappers get with the real deal! Anything you can handle I got it! Im keep it real with you on my records and my conversation. These grown ass men out here acting and dressing like kids being weird to be noticed!!! Natureboy Rowe, Texas Sensation Dallas hottest Commodity. If you aint heard of me yet its cause you niggas dont listen!!! new design soon!! (laugh)Peace.

I appreciate yall for the opportunity!!! Lets get it!