Friday, 2 March 2012

Hired Gun's "Hits & Pieces" EP Get your copy now!

What's good Hip-Hop heads! Wow - haven't posted for a long time will aim to get that sorted! Just been so busy with Uni and exams! I'm back and I'm going to try and get something to you guys every single day.

So recently I've been listening to the amazing artist, Hired Gun.
He has a new album out called "Hits and Pieces" EP and I can honestly say it's one of those pioneering works that's rarely found in Hip-Hop.

To a lot of artists, making a club banger and hen sitting back making tracks that have no real substance, is whatHip-Hop has become.

I'm not attacking anyone but when something as amazing as this comes by it's exciting!

Click on the Pic to buy the album (Pay whatever you want)


  1. Swing Set
  2. Real Love
  3. The Temptress ft. Tranquill & Jake Lefco
  4. The Pressure
  5. Human Story
  6. The Life ft. Qwazaar
Treat your ears and get this album!

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