Friday, 5 September 2008

HipHopInformant Mixtape '08!

The HipHopInformant Mixtape'08 is here! This took me a long time to create and I wanna give a BIG shout out to my homies Donny Goines, Lottery, Hired Gun, Faceless, Cause, F.A.M.E and Jihad You guys made it possible and thanks for hooking me up with some seriously DOPE tracks! Also thanks going out to Bullet, Akala and KrazedOut E. Ross you guys did you're thing and its much much appreciated.

Thanks going out to ALL the artists who worked on this with me! All the money raised will be going to charity so if you want a copy email the HipHopInformant at and ask for details!

Click on the artist's name to check out their Myspace!

1. Lottery- Bout It
2. Hired Gun- Arrest the HipHopInformant
3. Donny Goines- Do It For Hip-Hop (Remix)
4. Donny Goines- Summer Love Freestyle
5. Cause- 110th Street
6. Cause- In Too Deep
7. Bullet- Earth Girls
8. Bullet- Get It
9. Bullet- Freestyle
10. Mike Faceless- Star Struck
11. Krazedout E. Ross- Feelin' U Summertime '08
12. Krazedout E. Ross- Don't Stop
13. Akala- Bit by Bit
14. Akala- Money, Power, Respect
15. F.A.M.E- Speedin' Freestyle
16. F.A.M.E- Out Here Grindin' Remix
17. Jihad- Restless
18. Jihad ft. Marc Spitz- Damn
19. Lottery & Bullet- The Genesis
20. Donny Goines- I am Moving

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