Saturday, 31 December 2011

Early Happy New Year post!

2012 is nearly here! I said it before but, I'll say it again. Hip-Hop has been mixed this year. We've had the dance-type tracks and we've had some good albums.

Look forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for the Hip-Hop world and I'm excited to see Underground artists change their music, get it out to everyone and really make people listen and say "This is some fresh sh*t!"

Want to say a HUGE thank you and shout-out to my homie, Hired Gun - much love going out to him for letting me listen to his new project and just generally supporting me all throughout the whole, HipHopInformant process and I look forward to hearing "Nice Guys Finish".
Shout-outs going to all my people all over the world, and of course to you guys - the readers my Hip-Hop heads!

Have a great New Year - have fun and stay safe and I'll be back here soon.

I'm going to leave you with a few new tracks, some old just a collection of some stuff I've listened to. I will have "The Evolution of Hip-Hop Volume 3" up here soon, had a couple of technical difficulties with it.


HipHopInformant - Let's do it BIG in 2012!

Elemint - Portraits In The Sand:

Nio Tha Gift & Tajai (SOM) - Freestyle:

Blaktrix ft. Ralph Rip Shit - No Drama:

Kasha - Fire In The Booth (Charlie Sloth) :

And of Course:

Why This Kolaveri Di:


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