Sunday, 3 April 2016

Haka Beats - Man On The Moon EP - Track Exclusives!


What's good Hip-Hop heads! I just returned from an amazing trip to Miami and Ultra Music Festival 2016.

If you're into EDM/House/Dubstep/Trance all kinds of Electronic music, definitely go (have to be 18+ kids). I can say it was one of the most enjoyable festivals I've been to.

The day I flew back I received an email from my bro Haka Beats - he mentioned that he had a new EP coming out and being a fan of his work I was excited.

Producing is an art form Haka Beats has that talent that makes the track come together - you can have the artist with amazing lyricism, quick-witted punchlines and bars on bars on bars, but if the track isn't produced well, it just doesn't come together and can make the "banger" you think you've heard, sound like a car crash. 

Have a listen to a few tracks off the EP, trust me UK Hip-Hop in terms of producing has never sounded stronger.

Black Twang & Kyza ft. Non Applicable - More Than a Dream Prod. Haka Beats

Durrty Goodz & L Dot Man - Vision prod. Haka Beats

Non Applicable & Kyza - Slow The Pace Down prod. Haka Beats

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