Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Common - Nobody's Smiling new album singles


What's good Hip-Hop heads? I'm working on a couple of Interviews that I'll hopefully get up soon. I'm also working on doing a follow-up season in the next couple of months where I do a follow-up interview with artists I've worked with before, documenting new music/projects and what's been going since we first got an exclusive, so stay tuned for that!

So Common, his new album dropped on July 22nd and when I first heard it, I was impressed, his lyricism seems to evolve and keeps getting better and better, so listen to this track from the new album "Nobody's Smiling" and enjoy, buy and support an artist that continuously puts out good music!

The Neighborhood - Common ft. Lil Herb & Cocaine 80s

Real - Common ft. Elijah Blake

HipHopInformant - Hip-Hop Lives Here!

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