Sunday, 21 August 2011

Few Things for you and Update...

What's good Hip-Hop heads! Been a while since I posted something so I apologize for that. Been working on "The Evolution of Hip-Hop Volume 3" will post that to all of you well before I sent id around so stay tuned for that.

Here's an Interview I did with an amazing artist from the UK called Brotherman, click the picture to read the Interview in full :

Hope you enjoy that, remember to rate it!

Picked a few videos for you too just a few things that I've been listening to and that have been floating around, enjoy these and I will try and post as regularly as I can for all you guys.

Watsky - Show goes on (Lupe Fiasco mini-mix)

Not exactly Hip-Hop but, Gappy Ranks is an amazing artist from the UK and I'm feeling this track. It's a summer tune so enjoy this.

Gappy Ranks - Girl Next Door (Dutty Romance Riddim)

Amazing Video and amazing lyrics with this one.

The Grouch - ARTSY

Lastly a Soulful track by a guy I recently discovered. This guy is talented.

We All Try - Frank Ocean (Sid Sriram Cover)


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