Friday, 12 March 2010

Simple Samples - The Follow-Up!

What's good Hip-Hop heads! So I hooked up with my people at Simple Samples and we decided to do a follow-up Interview to see how things are going and what's been happening with Organix and what Simple Samples have planned for the future.

HipHopInformant:What have Simple Samples been up to since the HipHopInformant last talked to you?

Simple Samples: Simple Samples are currently in 'hip hop hibernation' as scrabble has just finished his dissertation as university and will hopefully soon have a nice degree in english language, which is a good thing for a wordsmith! Recently we have been concentrating on organix, and My mixtape (Dweller - Covered up) which will be dropping April 2010.

HipHopInformant: Tell me a bit about Organix. Where did the Idea to do that come from?

Simple Samples: About this time last year I entered in a beat making competition and did not recieve any positive feedback for my beat, The judges were clearly more interested in the gangster style beats, where as anyone who knows me knows that I am into crunchy dirty dusty beats! I was annoyed at the time, but this pushed me to wanting to create my own thing. Organix debud in July 2009. The idea is that we pick a topic (we have had topics like halloween, summer holidays, bad experiences, how you maintain, pet hates, the movement etc) and mc's who want to get involved have to write 16 bars to said topic over a beat that we have provided. All entrants are mixed together in a smooth lil video with relevant footage in the background. Its a chance to get heard, to do your thing and most importantly, a chance to get involved in what you love doing. We are currently taking verses for Part 14 - The Backstreet surgery, where the winner gets his verse on the finished track.

HipHopInformant: Has Hip-Hop changed in the last few months and how do you feel about Hip-Hop at the moment?

Simple Samples: The trouble with hip hop for me is that there is not enough hours in the day. I find that with a full time job (luckily doing something relevant to music and studio work) trying to produce my own tracks/beats and not to mention running organix, I don't have nearly enough time listening to as much hip hop as I would like. People send me mixtapes etc and I really want to listen to them, but being so busy with your own stuff rarely gives me time. Hopefully soon I can recieve more help from those around me in doing bits and bobs so I can finally have some ME time! But saying that, I wouldnt change it for the world.

HipHopInformant: Dwel give me your top 3 Producers and why.

Simple Samples: I would have to say:

1) Pete Rock - Most of my influence in making beats can be derived from Pete Rock. This guy basically schooled my technique in the early days and definately is one of my major influences.

2) Large Professor - Same as above! And also cos he raps, and I also rap and make beats, so its nice to be able to relate to something like that, Plus the fact that the man has brought some classics to the table.

3) Jay Dilla - I first discovered Jay when I was getting bored of making the same solid beats all the time, i was searching for a swing influence and Dilla shined it on me. Crispy hi hats and muffly snares! That shit makes me go wild!

HipHopInformant: Any big news in the world of Simple Samples?

Simple Samples: The Simple Samples album WILL drop later this year. Now scrabble is all systems go we can finally start on some fresh material. We have finished some tracks which are stockpiled for the release so keep you eyes peeled.

HipHopInformant: Have you reached out and connected with any Underground or new artists? If so, who are they and what can we expect?

Simple Samples: Too many to mention mate! In the past 8 months Organix Hip Hop has worked with 49 artists which we are very happy with. We have recently done tracks with J Gusto, Gadget, Ed-Xl and Evileyz from the dont flop battle scene. Expect rawness.

HipHopInformant: What can fans expect from Simple Samples In the future?

Simple Samples: The previously mentioned album which is going to feature alot of people, a lot tapped from the ever reaching arms of Organix! We will hopefully have the time to do a lot more gigs this year aswell which I have been yearning for for a while! Be sure to keep posted and subscribe to youtube user 'simplesamples' for all Organix updates and vids! Peace out.

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