Saturday, 30 January 2010

A World Full Of Sin Mohammed Yahya EXCLUSIVE!

What's good Hip-Hop heads! Been busy getting some projects underway so keep checking the site!
I hooked up with my people down at and we're working some very interesting features, reviews, interviews so look out for them too!

Got some EXCLUSIVE footage for my Hip-Hop heads from an artist called Mohammed Yahya. The video is called 'A World Full Of Sin' and it's an amazing track from an amazing artist!


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kulgal said...

Nice video, Mohammed Yahya is doing some great work to help people in Haiti too

. said...

Dude this is sweet, but do you have any Daft Punk/ Slum Village- Aerodynamic handy? If you did you'd be that much radder.

Check out my blog. I'd love for you to do a guest blog.

JesusJoseph said...

Good posting
Keep Writing

Joseph (More then 500 driving sample question from all 50 usa states)