Sunday, 9 August 2009

Evolution Of Hip-Hop Volume 2 is here!

OK So, Here we go again! We present to our loyal Hip-Hop heads, the EVOLUTION OF HIP-HOP VOLUME 2! The mixtape does not have a cover so this cover will have to do (sorry about that!)
The tracks are from a few artist who contributed to the first mixtape (EVolution Of Hip-Hop Vol. 1) and some FRESH, NEW and EXCLUSIVE talent also!

Click on the pic to download the mixtape or click on the link below and enjoy, then pass the link along to friends, family and whoever else likes REAL Hip-Hop!



1. Simple Samples Drop

2.777 Remix- Simple Samples ft. Baby

3. I Remember- Mike Faceless ft. E from the L.O.S.T

4. Unforgivable Blackness- Hired Gun

5. Play Me- Hired Gun

6. Articulate Drop

7. The New Street Kings-Wordsmith ft. Articulate & Black Knight

8. Bullet Drop

9. Mr Robotic- Bullet

10. Sha Stimuli Drop

11. Gotta Get $- Sha Stimuli

12. Hit em Up- Sha Stimuli

13. Candy Thang- Natureboy Rowe ft. Pimp C

14. When I Roll Up- Natureboy Rowe

15. Gotta Get It- Natureboy Rowe

16. London Drop- Falken August

17. Guns On Safety- CAUSE

18. Authentic Bros Drop

19. Angels & Demons- Authentic Bros

20. Power- Authentic Bros

21. Beginning Of The End- Poetic Pilgrimage

22. Intergalactic Sol- Poetic Pilgrimage

23. Ghetto Amerikkka- Lottery

24. Girls Gone Wild- Natureboy Rowe

25. A Day In The Life- Simple Samples

26. KM Drop

27. Knock You Down Remix- KM

28. Casanova- Yung Kurt (Bonus Summer Track)

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