Thursday, 16 July 2009

Nappy Roots drop new single -"Down 'N Out"!


Nappy Roots ft. Anthony Hamilton - Down 'N Out

We don't know if the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" has its origins in Kentucky, but what we do know is that rap superstars Nappy Roots apply it regularly. It was a little known group of rappers from Kentucky and a rough around the edges crooner from North Carolina who took the rap game by storm in 2002 when Nappy teamed up with now R&B superstar Anthony Hamilton to introduce the world to hip-hop from a Nappy perspective. That song, "Po' Folks" went on to become a smash hit and delivered Nappy Roots a platinum album for their freshman endeavour, the highly acclaimed "Watermelon, Chicken, and Grits" which also garnered the gang a pair of Grammy nominations.

What better way to follow up a smash hit than with another smash hit. "After seeing the response we got from the world, and the way our fans were able to relate to 'Po' Folks', it only made sense to reconnect with A. Ham for 'Sick 'N Tired'," says Skinny Deville, the self proclaimed Blues Traveler and Captain of the Nappy movement. Once again, the formula worked and Nappy Roots and Anthony Hamilton earned a gold album with "Wooden Leather", Nappy Roots' second and final album on Atlantic Records.

Fast forward 5 years... a new album, a new label, and a new sense of connection to their millions of fans, the Kentucky quintet returns with "The Humdinger", released on their own imprint Nappy Roots Entertainment Group, distributed by Fontana/Universal Music Group. Despite all that is new, there remains one constant, Anthony Hamilton returns to the fold once more to round out the collaborative trilogy with Nappy's second single "Down 'N Out".

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