Friday, 24 July 2009

Hired Gun featured on plus FREE DOWNLOAD!

Hired Gun one of the ILLEST MC's from NYC and a good friend of mine has been featured on the site So, what I need ALL my Hip-Hop heads to do is go onto the site and check out the feature, leave a comment and spread the link around.
Also, if you do that you can get some free downloads of some of HG's music too! (You know how much we LOVE FREE DOWNLOADS!!!)

Here's the iHipHop spot:

One other thing to mention is the track "Unforgivable Blackness" This track is amazing it really is and guess what, you get it for FREE! (See how we treat you here we're so good to our Hip-Hop heads!)

Click on the link to get the track:

HipHopInformant-Advocates of REAL Hip Hop!

P.S. HipHopInformant Mixtape is coming soon so look out for that on the site!

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