Friday, 1 August 2008

The Hired Gun is back: The People's Verses - August 23rd

Hired Gun is the next stage of hip hop's revolution. Over fourteen tracks, "The People's Verses" runs the gamut from the personal, to the political with a live wire flow, Cinematic wordplay and lyrics, over future primitive beats. Taking a bit of tradition and then mutating it to be relevant for the now, his music walks the same tightrope those of the African Diaspora have walked for centuries. A veteran of the independent hip hop shadow worlds, he is a member of the ESP Crew and critically acclaimed 3rd Party. Now as his soloist debut hits the streets, "The 8th Samurai" releases his master work to the masses.

You can pick up your copy of "The People's Verses" at CDBaby, Itunes or go to or to get it!

Also check out the EXCLUSIVE interview with the man himself ONLY ON...

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