Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Had Enuff?

With his infectious sounds and his track, "Had Enuff" being featured on the Sunday Times Indie Collection CD Mr Jones is taking the music world by storm!

With a blend of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Indie and a voice that sound hard and smooth he knows what he's doing! Check out this EXCLUSIVE Interview only on HipHopInformant!

HipHopInformant: How long have you been involved in the music industry?

Aynzli Jones: Got signed summer last year, but i've been doin my ting since a lil yute! Work for one of the biggest management agency in JA, they look after Bounty Killa, Barrington Levy, Elephant and a whole load of others, so I was around them all day as kid, big influence.

HipHopInformant: How did you get involved with music?

Aynzli Jones: I grew up in Jamaica, u don’t really have a choice but to get involved with music, its part of the culture, jus depends how involved u get.

HipHopInformant: Where are you from?

Aynzli Jones: Born in Hammersmith, from a baby grew up in
Kingston Jamaica.

HipHopInformant: What would you describe your genre of music as?

Aynzli Jones: I never do, leave dat for someone else.

HipHopInformant: Your track “Had Enuff” was featured in the Sunday Times, Indie collection CD how does that feel?

Aynzli Jones: Yeah was good exposure for me. wuz cool!!

HipHopInformant: Where did the idea for the track “Had Enuff” come from?

Aynzli Jones: The song started as a freestyle and grew in to a song, usually how it happens!! the chorus is a sample from the freestyle.

HipHopInformant: Does your music have a message? If so, what is that message?

Aynzli Jones: Theres many different messages in there but the basic message would probably be "be yaself cuz no one else can!!"

HipHopInformant: Are there any artists that influence you?

Aynzli Jones: So many different artist influence me. Andre 3000, Sizzla, Lil
Wayne, Buju Banton, Jay-Z, Lauren Hill etc etc list goes on.

HipHopInformant: How do you feel about the Hip-Hop industry in the

Aynzli Jones: I feels it coming along, theres a lot of great mc's but the majors labels dont seem to push that sh#t properly! Shame but change gone come.

HipHopInformant: Your track “Lonely Man” has a very Reggaeish feel to it, It’s a change are your songs going to be more reggae influenced.

Aynzli Jones: Its not a change for me at all, its jus a different side to this ting, not really interest in pigeon holding myself to dis dat or whatever, whatever sounds good sounds good to me ya zimmi!!

HipHopInformant: What does the future hold for Aynzli Jones?

Aynzli Jones: Who knows! hope sky the limit. got lots of show all over
England coming up and i'm doin David Letterman & Carson Daily in May with Moby and more and more recording!!!


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