Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New York Hip-Hop is SPECTACULA!

Hailing straight from hip-hop’s capital, Spectacula is one of the most notable additions to the New York’s up-and-coming roster. Born to Haitian parents and growing up in Elmhurst Queens, music quickly became the sensation of this rapper’s childhood as he was introduced to R&B and Kompa at an early age. He soon fell in love with the beat and the rhythm along with music’s “ability to grab the attention of anyone who chooses to listen for 3-5 minutes, be it meaningful, emotional or just plan stupid”. Dating back to elementary school, music became his hobby and so did rhyme; more so, it became a savior at a time in which the then-youth witnessed hardships of his parents’ divorce. “If I did not have music as an outlet, I probably would have been very emotionally distressed.”

HipHopInformant: What made you get involved with Hip-hop?

Spectacula: Well as long as I could remember Hip-Hop has been apart of my life, like I could remember being four years old and having my older sisters turn the cartoons I was watching off to put on Video Music Box. So it's more like how did Hip-Hop get involved with me. But what got me directly involved in making Hip-Hop was my father letting me use his tape recorder when I was about nine years old which lead to me freeestyling. That eventually evolved to writing verses which eventually turned into me writing songs.

HipHopInformant: How long have you been involved in the industry?

I've been in this industry for about nine or ten years on and off. I'm twenty two now and I got my first (and only to date) development record deal when I was like twelve years old under the name S.O.S. It was with a independent label named Fly Spy entertainment who was in the process of getting a distribution deal with a subsidiary of Polygram (which used to distribute Def Jam). They folded before I got to release anything but It was quite a learning experience.

HipHopInformant: How would you describe your style of rapping?

Spectacula: I think the best way to describe my style is personal. About 90-95 % of my music is based on my life, past and present. My music is so personal that at times theres things I discuss in my music that I wouldn't talk about in real life, It's almost therapeutic to me. but at the same time my music is just as lyrical as it is personal and just as conscience of the world issues as it is lyrical and personal. I know that sounds confusing but when you listen to my music you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about.

HipHopInformant: What do you think about the Hip-Hop industry at this moment in time?

I think the current environment of Hip-Hop is pretty bad but I don't think the music is any worse than it has been in the past. The reason why it seems as bad as it does is because the sales are down and even thats because the music Industry as a whole is in the middle of a change in format which is causing the huge drop in sales. If this wasn't the case nobody would be focusing on the issues of quality. In my opinion Hip-Hop is in need of a new class of great emcees. We was in this same shape in the 90's before Wu-Tang, Nas, Biggie and Tupac made there mark. Bottom line I think the industry at this moment is perfect for an artist like me who strives for greatness.

HipHopInformant: What do you think differentiates you from other Hip-Hop artists?

I feel that my ability to give all of myself in my music without really glorifying criminal activities or sounding like anything else out separates me from every rapper that's in my age bracket. At this point I honestly do not feel anyone takes as much time to look for new sounds, flows, and deliveries as I do. I don't think I reinvented the wheel or anything I just feel like if more rappers spent time perfecting there craft Hip-Hop would be much better.

HipHopInformant: Do you think your upbringing and where you're from influence what you rap about?

Yes It always has influenced me for different reasons. When I first started making music and even up until a few years ago I was making music in the perspective of a typical dude from the hood who sells drugs and does various illegal activities to get by. As I matured i came to the conclusion that maybe I'm not part of the solution, maybe doing this was unintentionally part of the problem. Even though i was making music that reflected what I was going through and things I actually done It started to feel like that doesn't make it any better. Like if someone picks up a gun and shoots up a school cause they saw it in a movie is it less wrong if the movie was based on a true story? No its wrong either way. Don't get me wrong I still make music from a perspective thats some what in the same vein but the difference is its done so in a way where you see the out come. Like I have a song called "Coulda Sworn" where I talk about my brief time selling crack but the story doesn't end with me rich and happy it ends with me broke and my mother's heart broken. So pretty much worse off.

HipHopInformant: Are there any artists that influence you or your music?

Spectacula: Theres a lot of artists that influence my music, actually the artists that have been influencing my music lately have been from other genres. But above all the artist that will always influence me
and my music are The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z, Big L and AZ on so many levels. If it wasn't for those five people I wouldn't be the emcee I am today.

HipHopInformant: Do you think the industry needs to change? If so why?

Spectacula:I think the industry needs to change the way it is run. When Hip-Hop was in its golden era the A&Rs looked for people with talent and potential to help develop their skills now it seems like the A&Rs look for artists who are already developed. As hard as it was to be a new artist before now you have to essentially do the record labels job for them before you could even get close to getting a deal because the A&R's are scared to lose their jobs. There is a artist development shortage thats really doing the industry more harm than any thing.

HipHopInformant: What do you enjoy about rhyming?

Spectacula: I just enjoy playing with words. Like I like surprising people with what I say. What I've come to love Hip-Hop for and music in general is the ability to grab the attention of anybody who chooses to listen with what your saying for 3-5 minutes be it meaningful, emotional or just plan stupid. In my opinion Hip-Hop music is just as powerful as any form of power.

HipHopInformant: How did the name Spectacula come about?

Spectacula: Actually It came from not paying attention in class my freshmen year of high school. Me and my friend would be in the back of the class battling on loose leaf paper, well you could say we were writing rhymes back and fourth. I don't exactly remember how the rhyme went but i know it ended with "if your good I'm Spectacular" and for some reason the name seemed to fit me so it stuck.

HipHopInformant: Finally, what does the future hold for Spectacula?

Well I have a new free download mixtape dropping in March with DJ Noodles Called
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