Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Profanity Not Tolerated

Marcas Harris also known as "Bullet aka Genius Jenkins" can go from defacing the integrity of an opponent in one punchline to passionately pouring his heart out to the object of his desire without missing a beat. He's both a nearly undefeated battle rapper with a record of 40 wins, 1 draw and only 1 loss. He also possesses the talent of songwriter with the ability to both garner the respect of the Streets, love of the ladies and the Hip Hop Community in general.

HipHopInformant: What made you get involved with Hip-hop?

Bullet:I got involved with hip-hop because it was very Theraputic for me. Im not good with expressing my feelings and emotions. So my notepad is like my diary. I just write how i feel. And In doing that I realized that so many people go through the same things I go through on a Daily Basis. So its only right I make sure whatever I go through and overcome, people can listen to how I overcame what i did and they can learn from my experiences.

HipHopInformant: How long have you been involved in the industry?

Bullet: I have been involved in it for about 3-4 years. Not that long lol, but it is still a Swanky Experience!

HipHopInformant: How would you describe your rapping style?

Bullet: I honestly dont have a style. Listening to each song I have they are all different. I chose to make sure I dont stay in one lane for the simple fact that fans dont want you just for one thing sometimes ya know? They want to feel your pain, but then they also want to see you happy. They want to see you party. They want to know what you had for lunch that day lol! I incorporate it all in my music. So im definitely Big on just talking about my life. Rather I ate a Bowl of crunch berries or just laid in my bed and looked at the ceiling fan lol!

HipHopInformant: What is your current view of Hip-hop at this moment in time?

Bullet: I like Hip-Hop for the most Part! I mean its somewhat of a balance coming back now. I like soulja boy YULE!!! lol and the reason I do is because I can now balance it with like Jay-z and Lupe Fiasco and Joe Budden etc. Before it was not really a balance. It was just Dance Dance Dance. But now Lyricist are coming back. Well Lyricist that can make songs lol.

HipHopInformant: Are there any artists that influence you and give u the drive to write rhymes?

Bullet: I give myself drive alot cause I love to write. But when it comes to Artists Lupe Fiasco keeps me on my pen game. Joe Budden keeps me on my pen game. Jay-z keeps me on my pen game. 50 cent keeps me on my pen game.And Kanye West definitely does too.

HipHopInformant: Tell me about some of your songs and what message you want to send out to your fans.

Bullet: The type of music I make is either gonna be Commericial or the other half is just very soulful! I never leave it in a middle! If a song is meant to be commercial I make it a song that can be a DOpe hit! I never half way do anything!
And at the end of the day I can just describe my music as ME! EVerything i do in my life is in my music. I go to
Columbia College Chicago! I eat Crunch Berries! I use weird Words! I think i am a Martian sometimes! Im a nice guy with somewhat of a Short Temper that im learning to deal with.
At the end of the day im just me! And the message I want to tell fans is just be happy with yourself! Dont let anyone change that!
Everyone is perfect in there own right! God made everyone in his image! which means we are ALL great! and thats the message I want to give to people. Just be yourself and Love yourself no matter what the world thinks.

HipHopInformant: You don’t use profanity in your music do you think that more artists should adopt the same stance?

Bullet: I dont think they should have to. Its a Free Country. They have the right to Free Speech. I dont like the fact they are trying to take that away! Other Genres Definitely use profanity so why can't we? Only reason I dont use profanity anymore is because i realized its a better way for me to express myself without cussing! And I know kids listen to my music Also and i Def don't want to be a Bad example! I just want to make the world a Happy Place! Thats All I have ever cared about. Making people happy! even if I suffer pain I just want to make the world happier! And Hip-Hop is my outlet to do so.

HipHopInformant: You have been called a “Battle-rapper” when did you win your first battle and where?

Bullet: The First Battle I won was at Luther South High School. I was a Freshman in High school and we were goofing around. This is when I first started rapping. And we wrote our rhymes on paper and then spit em at each other lol! CLASSIC ahah

HipHopInformant: Growing up in Chicago, what do you think about artist’s from Chicago such as Lupe Fiasco or Kanye?

Bullet: Im just proud to say that My Favorite artists Come from the City that I am from! Lupe is my Favorite artists! Much props to him and everyone at FnF! Kanye is Top 5 favorite artist! His passion gets me hyped so much! He just has this drive and determination that is really unmatched in this day and age

HipHopInformant: Do you think that Hip-Hop needs to change? If so, why?

Bullet: Hip-Hop doesn't need to change. Only thing that needs to change is the Hate that artists give other artists. I always try to understand why people hate on soulja boy! I mean we all know he isnt a lyricist! But i think we all know he is not trying to be a lyricist. And those rappers that hate on that man why dont they what he did and maximize it! he used the internet VERY well! now for those artists that think they are that Dope! why dont they use his same strategy and use the net like Crazy! and that way they dont have to hate on the next man for the way they came up.

HipHopInformant: Anything else you would like to share?

Bullet: Just want to thank you for this interview! Shout out to my school Columbia College! Shout out to Chicago! Shout out to the World! Shout out R.M.G
Shout out to everyone that loves me! And Back to the Lyrics coming soon Hosted by Tapemasters Inc.

Stay Swanky and remember the slogan:

Get behind me or GET BEHIND ME!




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great job on the interviews!! keep it up. i cant wait for more interviews Hiphopinformant!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure in time he'll be a great hip hop artist jst like 50 cent and kayne west